There are five types of log cabins you can put in your garden

There are five types of log cabins you can put in your garden

Log cabins are the most popular garden accessory. It is more permanent than a hedge or paving stones and adds much value to your home. It can technically be considered a secondary dwelling if it is placed on your property. However, it all depends on what you put there.

You should be aware of the five styles of log cabins that you can put in your garden if you are considering joining his trend train. Some of these cabins are more technical than others. This does not mean you will find what you want.

The Guest House

This is a very laborious project but it also has the highest return. This is basically creating your own estate. There will be a secondary property on your owed land. Log cabins that are large enough to be used as a guest house or other accommodation can have running water and electricity. This is a house that someone else can live in for a time.

It could be used for almost anything. Many people build one in their own backyard to save money and let their kids live there during college. Some rent it to others to help pay their mortgage quicker.

With a few classes on basic building, the best thing about a log cabin guest house is that it can be built yourself. It is easier to construct than a home because it is smaller. You shouldn’t expect to save money by hiring professional electricians for electrical wiring. Some jobs must be done correctly the first time.

The Gazebo

Although it is not quite the same as a log cabin but it can be very similar. It is better than plywood structures that are susceptible to being blown away by the wind. It will be constructed from logs that have been treated and are solid. They will be arranged in a circle to form an open structure with a sturdy roof that can withstand any weather.

You can create one that looks more like a cabin by adding a couple of modifications. It has a “door” or gate along its edges that can be closed or opened as needed. This makes it much more flexible than a gazebo and is also more comfortable to use as a place for guests or other activities. Even in winter, your feature is not allowed until Spring.

Quick tip: Make sure that any furniture you place inside the gazebo is waterproof, even if it has sealing gates.

The Greenhouse

You want something more garden-oriented? You might be interested in a greenhouse. The greenhouse is made from a log cabin with large windows and climate control to create a greenhouse for their yard. It is a great choice due to its log materials and sealing process. However, you need to make sure that your plants can grow in both natural and artificial lighting.

This garden log cabin allows for year-round growth, which is why it is loved by the most passionate plant lovers. Although it is more difficult to plan, it is totally worth the effort.

Mini Getaway

Do you just need somewhere to relax and unwind? It is possible to create tiny studios and tea rooms that take up little space. Mini cabins are increasingly popular because they are less costly to build, yet offer many of the same amenities as a game room or library.

You don’t have to own all the house trimmings to make a generator work. You can get electricity from a generator and can also take control of your home. Expanding to make your cabin more complete is a great idea, if you have the money and time.

The Ultimate Shed

A blog post from a few years ago shared an incredible idea by a home-based carpenter. He constructed a small cabin the same size as a large shed. He actually used the old shed as a template and built around it to get the right dimensions. The ultimate shed was made from repurposed and polished lumber.

He did all his work there and even slept there from time to another. It was equipped with a stove and fireplace, as well as a small bathroom and a bed that could be pulled out from the wall. Rest was his workspace.

This shows how an old idea can be reworked to make it new.

What you need to know before you buy or build

Before you start building or shopping for a log cabin to put in your garden, there are some things that you should know.

It is essential to use high quality lumber. It is important to avoid using low-quality lumber or lumber that hasn’t been checked for defects before you start building. You might end up with split logs or burrows that can lead to infestations.

Use the right sealants and stains. It is crucial to use proper sealants and stains on your cabin’s exterior. This is because it will be protecting the place from the elements and insects. You should seal your cabin at least once every three to five year, but you shouldn’t skip the first one.

You can hire contractors if you don’t have the skills to build log cabins. Some even offer premade cabins which can be moved to your property with all the necessary plumbing, electricity, and other amenities.

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