Microsoft To Bring Back Optional Updates For Windows 10

Microsoft To Bring Back Optional Updates For Windows 10

After the break by Corona: The manually installable patches for Windows 10 are renamed. Microsoft will also postpone their release.

Microsoft To Bring Back Optional Updates For Windows 10

Microsoft will release optional updates for Windows 10 from July 2020. The company announces this in a message. In the course of the corona crisis, no optional updates for the operating system were initially released from March – patches that are not security-relevant and were downloaded manually.

There will be some changes with the new launch. In the future, optional updates will be called previews – this can be seen from their package designation according to the “cumulative update preview for Windows 10” scheme. This should make it clear that some of these are functions that are planned in future versions of Windows and are not yet fully developed. Microsoft emphasizes that these are patches that have release quality – in contrast to previews that Windows insiders can look at. In the future, optional updates will only be distributed for Windows 10 1809 or higher and Windows Server.

Separation Of Security Updates

Optional patches – now update previews – will in future only be delivered in the C week of a month and therefore separately from security patches. This should enable IT admin teams to plan better and less confusion when updating clients. Security updates will continue to be delivered as planned and will not change. Members of the Windows Insider program, on the other hand, will receive the release previews of optional patches in development in the B week.

Microsoft will no longer offer the optional patches for the Windows Server Update Service Channel (WSUS). This should avoid confusion when using the automatic update distribution. This applies to both Windows 10 clients and machines with an installed Windows server.

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