Sony PlayStation 5: This Is What It Looks Like!

Sony PlayStation 5: This Is What It Looks Like.

We have been waiting for a long time: Sony finally showed the design of the PlayStation 5 today! And what does it look like now, the next-generation console, which made its debut at the end of the one-hour presentation? Well … let’s say “special”.

The PS5 reminds me a little of an inverted ice cream sandwich or a router. While the Microsoft Xbox Series X is essentially a large black monolith, the PS5 looks much more compact in the pictures. And something else is very exciting: Apparently it will also appear as a digital edition right at the launch – in this case it will be completely without an optical drive. But it remains to be seen how the price difference will turn out and whether the storage space will be more generous.

Let’s see how Sony will shape the prices there – because the Japanese remain silent about it. So if you had expected a pre-order option, you had to stay dry. But you had several accessories in your luggage.

The new DualSense controller has its own charging station, which apparently fits two pads directly.

Sony also conjured up a new HD camera. But it too was only shown in the short video about the hardware – we don’t know anything yet about the technical data.

What is still missing? Well, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. As the name suggests, the headphones are apparently designed for Sony’s new ambitions towards 3D sound.

In addition, Sony is bringing a remote again this time – I still remember the good piece from the PS3 days, with the PS4 it looked darker. Some gamers who want to use the console as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player are sure to strike.

Above you can find the complete hardware reveal trailer again. What do you say about design? Hop or top? I have to form a final opinion somehow.

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